B-Chair task version features mesh backrest in two colours, black and white. The seat, padded  and ulphostered with any catalogue coverings, is equipped with seat-sliding capability. A high level of comfort thanks to the seats ergonomics and the mesh backrest distinguishes the series, as do the reliability and function os Synchro SYEP, a user-friendly mechanism which features side controls.

Fixed T

Fixed D

Height Adjustment

Pivot Adjustment

Height & Pivot

Lateral Adjustment

Synchronised mechanism outfitted with two side levers, one to control the Synchro (5 position block with "anti-shock" safety catch, 11 deg. seat and 22 deg. backrest-reclining) and the other a gas lift. Tension can be adjusted via a pullout level positioned at the gas-lift level.



Knob to pull and turn for adjusting the reclining tension.

Lever for activating the seat height adjustment.

On/off lever for synchro mechanism.

Button for moving the seat forward.


B-ADH lumbar-support adjustment activated by manually raising or lowering (10cm range) the lumbar support section into the desired position.

Synchro SYEP

BC-102U op 9BH fronte

Black Mesh

White Mesh

Pull out instructions

Front sliding seat

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Backrest Options



SX-011 copertina fronte BC-102U op 9BH fronte CO-212U-01 op 7BH fronte hola-01a-310x438-1 JY-101U fronte-1

B - Chair




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Conforms the UNI EN 1335 standards, A Class